It’s been brought to our attention that the petition form seems to accept US-only information. This was an unintentional oversight – seems the service was designed with US politics in mind, not a global network of developers.

I’m looking for an equivalent Free software replacement service (suggestions welcome), but in the meantime, if you are overseas, please just supply false information (choose the great state of Pennsylvania, for instance), and supply a false zip code, like 90210.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Oh, and for everybody wondering, the logo is a tongue in cheek joke. We are not a communist organizaton. The demands, however, are very real!





Wondrous Response!

Wow, just over 12 hours since the site was launched and already an incredible response!

I’d like to write a bit more about the responses as a whole in a little while, for now I’ll just say that we have received a lot of support from around the world (and some healthy criticism). There are a lot of people out there who have real grievances with the Market!

Our page was the number one link on Hacker News, and it’s also be written about on the TheNextWeb and the Inquirer!

I just wrote a response for Bloomberg News about this, which is awesome! If they run a story about it, I’ll link it here, if not, I will post my responses here anyway.

I’d like to get more community input on this blog, so please write in (newfreedomapps@gmail.com) if you have a story to share, a complaint or an opinion so we can all see it!

There are also comments below if you want to chime in.

Thanks everybody!


Hi! My name is Rich.

I have written more than 18 Android apps, including Port Scandroid and aBTC, the Android BitTorrent client, and the official ‘This American Life’ application.

I make my living off of making Android applications.

I released an app called Rapid Download! which would search and download from filehosting sites like RapidShare (a service which can be done less conveniently using Google’s own search engine). It cost 2.99, 3728 downloads and positive reviews.

Without any warning or notification, the application was removed. I only noticed when I went to check my sales and noticed I had not made any money for the previous week and a half.

When I contacted Google (through a web form which didn’t work the first few times I tried it), I was able to inquire about my situation. All I received was an automated reply with no useful information.

I tried the form again, and received another automated reply. The third time I tried, I received an actual reply, though it contained no specific information and threatened me, saying that if I violated the rules again, my account would be deactivated and all of my applications would be removed from the Market. This would mean that I wouldn’t have any source of income and wouldn’t be able to make my rent payments.

This kind of treatment is unacceptable. Since I began developing Android applications two years ago, Google has collected over $14,000 in “service fees” as part of their 30% tax on all sales – and the only service they have ever provided me is a threatening letter.

Google needs to know that this kind of treatment of developers on their platform will NOT be tolerated by developers or by Android customers!

Please, support the Android Developers union and lets make Android great together!

Thank you,


AnDevUni Blog

This is the Android Developers Union blog! This blog will host stories by developers and customers who have been screwed by the Android Market, updates about our campaigns to improve the Market conditions, and comments on the response from Google!

If you’d like to share your story, we’d love to post it! Get in touch on the mailing list here: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/android-developers-union

Thanks very much!